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Hyde Leisure Pool


If you’re looking for a pool with a waterslide in Manchester, you’ve got two options: Grand Central in Stockport and Hyde Leisure Pool (or Hyde Baths as it’s still known locally).

And although Hyde only has one slide (the fast and thrilling Red Ripster) there’s plenty of aqua-based action to keep kids entertained for the 90-minute session.

The wave machine sends breakers crashing into the shore every half hour or so. And a fast-flowing river takes you through mini cascades and out into the centre of the pool, where you might get hammered by a water cannon if you’re unlucky. There’s also geysers and bubble pads for a more relaxing experience.

It’s a not-for-profit place so it’s good value, and there’s a cafe, and a free car park. Just remember to bring a pound coin for your locker.

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