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A girl flying at iFLY Manchester Indoor Skydiving
A girl flying at iFLY Manchester Indoor Skydiving
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Trafford Park

iFLY Manchester Indoor Skydiving


If you like the idea of skydiving but not so much the idea of jumping out of a plane, this could be for you. At iFLY Manchester Indoor Skydiving, you get the weightless, flying sensation without having to launch yourself off anything. The wind lifts you up rather than gravity pulling you down.

The flights take place in a wind tunnel and are quite short (as they would be in the outdoors) but you get several goes in one booking. An instructor will be with you at all times if you’re a beginner.

You can do a virtual reality flight if you don’t mind paying extra. Choose from Dubai, Hawaii, California and the Swiss Alps. They’re a bit pricy at £99.99 but a whole lot cheaper than hiring a plane.

Frequent flyers can book a series of flights at a lower cost. Indoor skydiving is a sport in itself with a whole range of skills and tricks to learn over time.

Most people though go for the novelty of it. It’s a popular option for birthday parties and team-building days. It’s also loved by people with mobility issues; the feeling of weightlessness and freedom is hard to beat. iFLY try to ensure that indoor skydiving is accessible to as many people as possible, from the age of three upwards.

iFLY Manchester Indoor Skydiving, Trafford Way, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0330 191 3966 www.iflyworld.co.uk/locations/ifly-manchester
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