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The bowling lanes at Lane 7, Deansgate
The bowling lanes at Lane 7, Deansgate
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Manchester City Centre

Lane 7 Deansgate


Lane 7 in Deansgate has bowling lanes, plus plenty of other things to do while you’re there, as well as sipping on a gin cocktail in a stein.

Along with your regular bowling, there is fancy-pants bowling with neon zig zags. A bit of a cross between a new restaurant opening and Blade Runner. All the bowling is pretty sleek and shiny though with the standard graffiti décor.

Non-bowling entertainment includes just about everything that could possibly be construed as competitive (with the exception of tiddlywinks).

You can play American pool. Or ping pong. Or augmented darts. It seems quite like normal darts but a computer does all the counting for you. There’s even shooting pods if darts doesn’t seem hardcore enough for you. Book for shuffleboard too – this one is a Confidential favourite. There are plenty of arcade games; you don’t need to book for these, just rock up. Contactless payments only, mind. If you must, there’s beer pong too. Oh, and karaoke booths.

Food is street eats-type messiness courtesy of Fat Hippo. The burgers are actually a lot better than you’d expect at somewhere like this with an excellent vegan selection that is just as exciting as the main event.

The Wild Bill and The Last Samur-thigh are good carnivorous choices and The Oprah Sin-Free is our plant-based recommendation. Good buns and good puns.

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