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Inside Point Blank
Inside Point Blank
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Cavern Quarter

Point Blank Shooting Liverpool


Point Blank Shooting is a virtual shooting range and bar. Designed to see if you’re a sharpshooter, the many levels will keep you and your teammates quick on the draw.

Located in Liverpool’s bustling Cavern Quarter, Point Blank Shooting is a sleek virtual gaming venue complete with neon signs, private booths and a speakeasy-style bar serving cocktails and other ice cold drinks.

It’s the ideal place for date nights, team-building activities, and rainy days.

Grab your team and take on virtual shoot-out games like police stand-offs and against-the-clock missions. On arrival, a session leader will take you over to your private booth and give you the rundown of how to play before you start your booking. At this point, you’ll have the option to upgrade your standard gun to something a little more…epic.

There’s often two-for-one cocktail deals running and, if you get hungry whilst gaming, there’s pizzas, hotdogs and nachos to help you refuel.

Bookings are made via the website and we recommend booking your session plenty of time ahead during peak times like weekends and bank holidays.

Point Blank Shooting Liverpool, 25 Castle St, Liverpool L2 4TA, UK
Tel: 0333 023 0363 www.pointblankshooting.co.uk
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