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Spray cans at Zap Graffiti
Spray cans at Zap Graffiti
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Zap Graffiti


Zap Graffiti is one of Liverpool’s most unique art venues, focused on showcasing graffiti designs and even giving you the option to pick up a spray can yourself. 

Since 1995, Zap Graffiti have been demonstrating the positive and expressive art form that graffiti brings when done in a respectful manner in the right environment. Exhibitions are held regularly and highlight pieces created by local artists and those further afield. 

As well as teaching classes to all ages, helping budding artists get to grips with different graffiti styles and techniques, they also provide a wide range of art-based services for your home or business created from within their city centre studio.

Along with their funky space to let your ideas flow, Zap Graffiti has a well stocked shop, providing everything from markers to stickers and clothing, so there’s no worries if you leave your paints at home. Some packages even include a two-hour session led by an expert, complete with a set of 12 spray cans and a tote bag, setting you up for success with your own art career path. 

Why not hire the space as an alternative backdrop for a kids party, upcoming event, workshop or even your own exhibition?

Zap Graffiti, 9 Oldham Pl, Liverpool L1 2SU, UK
Tel: 0151 538 2176 www.zapgraffiti.co.uk
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