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Breakout escape rooms
Breakout escape rooms
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Cavern Quarter

Breakout Liverpool


Breakout Liverpool is a live and interactive escape room on the outskirts of the Cavern Quarter.

The aim is to work as part of a team with friends, family or work colleagues and try to escape the room you’ve been locked in. Solve a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to be granted your freedom. 

Breakout is a real test of knowledge and thinking outside the box. You and your team will need to put your brains together to be in with a chance of breaking out. 

It’s an ideal team-building activity for a new workplace department to get to know each other, or just as a bit of fun between friends.

There’s a whopping 14 different escape rooms to choose from, each with a different theme including saving your crew from a shipwreck and saving the day as a cowboy in the wild west. Each room is marked out of five padlocks depending on its difficulty. 

Rooms are designed for up to five players at a time and those aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult.

Prefer to play at home? Breakout Unboxed has everything you need delivered straight to your door.

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