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Pizza at Crazy Pedro's NQ Manchester
Pizza at Crazy Pedro's NQ Manchester
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Northern Quarter

Crazy Pedro’s Manchester NQ


This self-styled party bar is hot on super-chilled drinks, from frozen margaritas to ice cold beers. It’s also hot on pizza, with a stiff trade in delivery and click and collect service at the NQ venue.

Crazy Pedro’s Pizza Parlour, as it’s known to its friends, is the place to head if you haven’t settled the Hawaiian-pizza-isn’t-a-real-pizza argument. Here you can get hot dog pizza, fried chicken and waffle pizza, and hamburger pizza (The Mac Daddy, natch). Ham and pineapple not so weird now, huh? Choose from pizza slices or whole 16 inchers, and if you can’t commit to a topping, go half and half.

Too much pizza? Check out the nachos – tortilla chips loaded with guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños, Sriracha sauce and Jack cheese.

We love to party all the time at Pedro’s, says the website, and with those frozen margs coming in various fruity flavours, and even sharer servings, alongside some more unusual cocktails, this probably isn’t the backdrop for bashing out those end-of-year accounts. Crazy Pedro’s reckons to have Manchester’s largest mezcal and tequila selection, and, with the drinks menu split into agave and not agave sections, who are we to argue? Open seven days a week, the fun runs from midday until 4am.

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