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Fitzgerald's Irish Bar in Liverpool city centre.
Fitzgerald's Irish Bar in Liverpool city centre.
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Liverpool City Centre

Fitzgerald’s Irish Bar


The smaller, sister bar to Lanigans on Ranelagh Street, Fitzgerald’s Irish Bar has an authentic feel and a friendly atmosphere. There’s live music every night and they show the sport on the multiple screens. Head here to watch everything from GAA to MMA (and look out for the signed portrait of Meatball Molly McCann on the wall while you’re there).

Its size means it doesn’t take much to make it feel busy, adding to the good-times vibes. The green-lit mirrored bar is the perfect backdrop to a night of drinking, dancing and enjoying the craic.

Fitzgerald's Irish Bar, Slater Street, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 294 6882 www.fitzgeraldsbarliverpool.com
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