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Lily’s Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Lily’s Indian Vegetarian Cuisine is an unassuming restaurant in Ashton-under-Lyne that happens to serve some of the best South Indian food in the UK.

It started life as a small, simple cafe. Its well-deserved popularity led to an expansion and Lily’s is now a bigger, much brighter restaurant, albeit in the same location, across the road from Ashton Aldi.

There’s cooking going on here that puts much of the Curry Mile to shame. Their four chefs hail from the four corners of India: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Mumbai and the south, each bringing traditional dishes and homespun recipes with them.

Highlights include upma dhosa; thin dhosa pancakes filled with semolina and spices and cut into moreish triangles, and Punjabi samosa chaat, featuring plenty of sweet onions and layered up with boiled potatoes, crunchy Bombay mix, fruity chutneys and soya yogurt.

If you are heading over at lunchtime, look out for the good-value thali to take away.

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