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Almost Famous Liverpool
Almost Famous Liverpool
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Almost Famous Liverpool

Restaurant - American

Located in the Ropewalks area, Almost Famous Liverpool is a burger restaurant with bite. It serves up behemoth burgers, gargantuan sides and killer cocktails in a candy-coated setting; a formula that’s proved a big success over in Manchester where they now have three restaurants to their name.

The burgers are inventive, indulgent and not for people with a small appetite and simple tastes. Try the ‘Triple Nom’ double cheeseburger with slow-cooked pork, slaw, redneck BBQ, and famous sauce. Or the ‘Awesome HQ’ which is a double cheeseburger and buttermilk-fried chicken burger rolled into one – with added halloumi in case you needed a bit more protein in your bun.

Sides are the ideal size for sharing (or devouring on your own). Go for the ‘Pig and Waffle Fries’ topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, onions, redneck BBQ and blue cheese sauce. Or try the ‘Phoenix Fries’ which include ‘bacon rain’ and ‘Frazzle dust’ amongst their toppings.

Cocktails include the ‘Cherry Bomb’ (with its own firework) and the ‘Big F**k Off Strawberry Daiquiri’ which serves two-to-four people, depending on how thirsty you’re feeling, or how hammered you want to be.

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