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Northern Quarter

Almost Famous NQ

Restaurant - American

Now a few minutes walk from its original site on High Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Almost Famous Manchester NQ is the original and best. The new wave of burgers started here – OTT, in your face and, most importantly, absolutely top notch. Believe the hype. These burgers are memorable and meaty. You’ll be left with sauce all over your chin and one big, happy smile.

The food may come in plastic baskets but it’s no less glorious for all that. On the menu you’ll find genre-bending burgers like the River Phoenix topped with frazzles and the triple nom with BBQ rib meat topping what is a truly quality patty.

The fries are just as daft. Gorgeous chips with everything but the kitchen sink added – the bacon bacon fries are very good but they’re almost a meal in themselves.

Everything – including some cracking cocktails – is served up with sass and hot sauce.

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