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Ham and Mushroom Pizza Black Spot Restaurant Stockport
Ham and Mushroom Pizza Black Spot Restaurant Stockport
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Black Spot Pizza

Restaurant - Italian

There is no shortage of floppy, fold-it-up Neapolitan pizza in Manchester these days. Like the bee symbol, it has descended over the city in a swarm: there’s probably a slice creeping up behind you right now. But it’s not a bad thing – particularly if it means you’ve got a place like Black Spot Pizza in your neighbourhood. 

It’s a small restaurant and bar (you can go in just for a drink) with a busy trade in takeaway pizza too. The dough is proofed for 48-hours, and the toppings are largely of the classy Italian kind: fior di latte, pine nuts, roasted peppers, parma ham, fresh basil and so on. Plus a cheeky Jerk Chicken option for when the mood takes you. GF dough and vegan cheese is available on request.

The owners were part of the team behind Socio Rehab and various other Mcr bars so the cocktails are another draw here. There’s also a well-considered wine list and an interesting range of beers, including guest options.

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Black Spot Pizza, Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, UK
Tel: 0161 975 9043 blackspotpizza.co.uk
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