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Gurkha restaurant in Liverpool specialises in Nepalese food
Gurkha restaurant in Liverpool specialises in Nepalese food
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Da Gurkha

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Founded by experienced restaurateur Netra Khare, Da Gurkha is a slick operation in a simple, curry-house setting that’s as off-the-beaten-track as the menu.

Nepal lies at the crossroads of two great culinary giants – China and India. It has evolved its own distinct cuisine – a hidden gem, if you like. Much like this place.

Expect dishes such as momos – simple, light, steamed dumplings. Or tareko macha – white fish fillet marinated in Himalayan herbs and spices. Typical options include tender chunks of lamb cooked at a snail’s pace with chilli, tomato and garlic, and various Nepalese curries.

Pretty much everything is good, and there’s a complementary range of wines and beers too.

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