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Manchester City Centre

Fat Pat’s


Down a (rather dodgy-looking) alley in Manchester you’ll find Fat Pat’s. But don’t be afraid; though the setting isn’t quite what you’d expect for one of Manchester’s most talked-about sandwich shops, the taste is worth the weirdness.

Behind Joseph Holt’s The Old Monkey on Portland Street you’ll see a little round sign above a hatch. Place your order online, or attempt to beat the queues with cold hard cash, but be warned – Fat Pat’s sandwiches are extremely popular and often sell out.

Said to be ‘changing the sarnie game one sando at a time’, Fat Pat’s is a popular lunchtime spot for hungry Mancs. Bestsellers include the Philly cheesesteak and the hot honey fried chicken. Choose the combo to add a portion of ziggy fries and a can of pop.

Though the menu is pretty small, with just two or three different sandwich fillings available at any given time, these eight inch sarnies pack a flavourful punch.

FAT PAT'S, 88 Portland St, Manchester M1 4GX, UK
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