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Dim sum served at the Little Yang Sing, an acclaimed Chinese restaurant in Manchester city centre.
Dim sum served at the Little Yang Sing, an acclaimed Chinese restaurant in Manchester city centre.
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Chinatown (Manchester)

Little Yang Sing

Restaurant - Chinese

Cantonese and contemporary, with a relaxed feel and lots of reds and golds tucked away downstairs in otherwise bustling Chinatown, Little Yang Sing is also dim sum-tastic and has plenty more besides, including much for the plant-based palate along with a proper wine list.

Dim sum wise, and there’s plenty of choice, both fried and steamed. Classics include crispy pork spring roll, fried prawn won ton and fish croquettes or every kind of dumpling, mini pork buns and, of course, glutinous rice parcel with dried shrimp. Can’t decide? With a set five pieces each, there’s both a meat platter and a vegetarian platter. We’re in for the latter, if only for the steamed crystal sachet and spring onion bauble… Prefer to doge the dumplings, then again there’s no lack of decisions to be made off the list of appetisers, from Peking-style spare ribs and soft shell crab to sesame prawn toasts and crispy duck pancakes. Mains for pairing with rice are divided by type of meat, with casseroles and chow mein choices listed separately, this further subdivided into crispy or soft vermicelli noodles.

There’s also a whole three pages devoted to vegetarian and vegan dishes (with more beancurd, soya and tofu than you can shake a stick at) and another to seafood, from sweet and sour king prawn to whole steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onions. Chicken satay, salt and pepper mini pork chops, duck in plum sauce, beef with green pepper and black bean, plus Sichuan-style chilli lamb fillet style with cashews or sizzling spicy steak… if your head is spinning, maybe just turn to the banquets, promising “a real Cantonese feast”.

We doubt you’ll need pudding, but alongside the draught and bottled beers, including authentic Chang beer, the new and old world wines, and the green tea, there is also a range of spirits to round off your meal and help you digest.

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