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Ramona and the Firehouse Ancoats Manchester
Ramona and the Firehouse Ancoats Manchester
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Restaurant - Italian

Predominantly a pizzeria, Ramona incorporates a bakery, margarita bar, coffee counter, stage and Firehouse restaurant, and is found in the rollershuttered ex-E & A Auto Services garage depot on Swan Street, complete with a tree-lined forecourt, now the campfire beer garden.

Ramona’s speciality is rectangular pizza, served by the square slice. Detroit pizza, we’re told, was first rustled up on a car oil can in Motorcity, as it’s known – another northern industrial powerhouse. An old MOT centre is perfect, then. So, the pizza. Special Detroit tomato sauce is slathered onto a focaccia base, made with dough that is double fermented over 48 hours, and each square has crispy cheesy edges; vegan cheesy, if that’s your thing. Toppings are basic – classics like Margherita and pepperoni – and sauces are in favour, anything from garlic and herb to truffle mayo is on the menu for crust-dipping. Tatertots are the new chip, and are baked not fried, while salad-dodgers are discouraged: there’s a new salad every day, using the best market-fresh seasonal produce available.

Drinks-wise, “the most beautiful, fresh and zesty fresh lime margaritas” incorporate El Tequileno, a Mexican tequila made from volcanic water – the Ramona folks claim to be “the only place in the world (outside of the town where it’s made) to have this sensational tequila as our house pour”. Ramona also have their own Pilsner, and there’s an indie beer of the moment on tap alongside bottles, cans and wines.

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