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Off The Press

Restaurant - Global

Where once there were printing presses, now it’s all coffee presses. This daytime, non-weekend creative cafe workspace in the black-and-silver ex-Express building keeps the MacBook posse fuelled with caffeine, cakes, “killer scran and all the central heating and wifi you could need”.

The caffeine blend is a mixture of Brazil Porta do Céu, Guatemala El Boquerón and Ethiopia Bulessa beans. The deli-style cabinet food serves up a healthy, considered, modern approach to convenient dining and ain’t nobody gonna say you can’t eat at your desk. The menu is an ever-evolving beast, with a new salad on the block each week. Think puy lentils, maple-roasted carrots and mangetout with a pomegranate molasses dressing and The Crafty Cheese Man feta, couscous and kidney beans with broccoli and kale, preserved lemon and tahini dressing, or maybe pesto rigatoni with heirloom tomatoes, charred peppers, torn mozzarella and Parmesan breadcrumbs, served hot or cold. There are pastries, from ham, cheese and tomato turnovers to house-made chicken, chorizo and mozzarella filo pastry pie with basil and sunblush tomato. There are soups – roasted cherry tomato soup with basil croutons and grated Parmesan, say – and there are sandwiches, with bread walked round from neighbourhood sourdough bakery Companio on Radium Street. We remember when you couldn’t get a pint of milk round here. Sarnies change often, maybe smoked salmon on rye with dill and caper cream cheese, lemon balm and a sprinkling of black pepper one day or pastrami, Emmental, sauerkraut and pickles on focaccia the next. Meaty n’duja and mozzarella or veggie mozzarella, plum vine tomatoes, pesto, rocket and a touch of balsamic, olive oil and sea salt – ask for toasted and enjoy the extra ooze. Also good warm is the homemade Calabrese focaccia with sunblush tomato salad – like a pizza but not – and there are plenty of treats that cater to plant-based diets, such as panko-crumbed and curried cauliflower with katsu dressing, ginger pickled cabbage, edamame and crispy iceberg wrapped in flatbread.

Cakes? We thought you’d never ask. Big cakes, little cakes, all the cakes… get a slice of the cake of the week: passionfruit, lime, coconut and yoghurt cake or maybe Guinness and chocolate with a fluffy vanilla bean butter cream or how about pear, parsnip and walnut spiced cake finished with maple lemon frosting and a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberries. For individual offerings, we’ve previously spied London fog chocolate minis with Earl Grey buttercream and caramel drip, crowned with an Oreo, and lemon and polenta drizzle loaves with cherry glaze and a cherry on top. There’s also, of course, the signature choc chip, sesame and sea salt cookie, gluten free and vegan too. Ah, you’re spoiling us.

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2 George Leigh Street, Ancoats, Manchester M4 5DL, UK
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