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St Luke’s Bombed Out Church Garden Cafe & Bar


Everybody knows the Bombed Out Church, but just in case: hit by an incendiary bomb during the Liverpool Blitz of 1941, its stone shell was left as a memorial to those lost in the war and the Grade II-listed building has only fairly recently been resurrected as a cultural venue.

It now hosts events and weddings, and, since the summer of 2020, has seasonally opened the Garden Bar and Café, doling out a range of drinks and food from various pop-ups. Perhaps not surprisingly, given its top of Bold Street, bottom of Hardman Street location and socially distanced summery vibes, it has proved immensely popular.

Live acoustic music is chalked up when BOC is back as the weather gets warmer, along with the usual craft markets, beer festival and more. Check the socials for what’s on when.

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