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yard and coop fried chicken and chips NQ
yard and coop fried chicken and chips NQ
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Northern Quarter

Yard & Coop Manchester

Restaurant - American

We’d rather see a restaurant that does one thing well than one that does a wide variety of dishes to the same average standard. Yard & Coop Manchester is firmly in the former category. It serves buttermilk fried chicken and that’s about it, unless you’re a veggie in which case you can have halloumi instead.

Simply put, if you don’t want fried chicken, it’s not for you. But if you do, it’s got all the sides, styles and sauces you could hope for, from sweet and sticky Korean sauce pots, to rainbow root slaw, to salt and pepper fries.

There are also burgers (chicken obv), a roast dinner (chicken, naturally) and kebabs (we recommend the chicken). It’s the nature of the beast, sorry bird, that lots of the plates coming from the pass are beige: chicken and chips was never going to be a riot of colour. The party happens once you put it in your mouth.

The drinks menu livens things up further – choose from a well-selected range of cocktails, beers, wines as well as shakes and softs. Seating is plastic chairs at formica tables under the watchful gaze of a winking fox mural.

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