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Pearl jam: the best bubble tea cafes in Manchester

3 weeks ago

Red bean tapioca. Taro milk tea. Fruit jelly. Cheese foam. Whatever your poison, bubble tea is the beverage that keeps on giving. It’s a dessert and a drink in one.

We’ve scoured the streets for the most flavour-packing, aesthetically-pleasing, Insta-friendly bubble teas you’ll find in the city.

If (like us) you’re bonkers for boba, here are some of the best bubble cafes in Manchester.

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  • Manchester City Centre

    Croyaki Tea | Corn Exchange

    Restaurant - Chinese

    Right on trend, Croyaki Tea is a bubble tea cafe that has made the trip from Hong Kong to settle right here in Manchester. Its tea, which is imported from Taiwan, is freshly brewed and prepared daily to an exacting formula.

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  • Bubble tea and cakes from Happy Lemon in Manchester
    Manchester City Centre

    Happy Lemon


    With almost two decades of experience brewing the perfect bubble tea, Happy Lemon has developed its own signature drinks including the ‘Rock Salted Cheese’ range which uses a creamy cheese mixed with rock salt. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

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  • Ice creams from Lazy Sundae - a recommended place for ice cream in Manchester
    Northern Quarter

    Lazy Sundae

    Restaurant - Global

    Eat in or take out at Northern Quarter ice cream parlour Lazy Sundae, where everything’s peachy, from the shop frontage to the travel-inspired menu, which will transport you East with its bubble teas and Japanese specialities.

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  • Bubble tea and shiba waffles at Ohayo Tea in Chinatown, Manchester
    Chinatown (Manchester)

    Ohayo Tea


    Ohayo Tea is one of the more unique bubble tea cafes in Manchester. That’s because it’s themed around the Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed of dog that looks like a cute little fox. 

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  • Drinks from SipCha in Manchester Arndale.
    Manchester City Centre

    SipCha Manchester Arndale


    Serving up eye-catching cups of bubble tea with a multitude of different coloured and flavoured boba (those popping tapioca balls that put the ‘bubble’ in bubble tea), SipCha is still one of the cities most popular cafes of its variety.

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  • Manchester City Centre

    Creams Cafe Manchester Arndale

    Restaurant - American

    Creams Cafe is a dessert parlour that was founded in 2008 by Adam Mani and Balal Aqil. With humble beginnings in Southall, West London, Creams Cafe has become the largest dessert brand in the UK with around 100 stores – including Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre.

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  • Bubble tea from Uncle T in Circle Square, Manchester
    Oxford Road

    Uncle T


    Uncle T at Circle Square serves up boba that’s been freshly made in-house for added flavour. Expect big, bright bubble teas that are ideal for snapping a picture to share on Instagram.

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  • Dragonfruit tea from WooTea, Manchester.
    Manchester City Centre



    Serving some of the most aesthetically-pleasing bubble tea in all of Manchester, WooTea is the place to go if you’re looking to get your boba fix (and snap a great picture while you’re at it). 

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