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The Farm Club near Knutsford
The Farm Club near Knutsford
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The Farm Club


The Farm Club started life as a triathlon training centre before it expanded into offering a wider wellness experience. Situated on an actual farm (hence the name) in Pickmere village, near Knutsford, it offers outdoor exercise sessions, lake swimming, wellness sessions, yoga, and meditation. There’s also a cafe and a self-catering lodge.

One of the biggest draws is its position on the banks of Pickmere Lake. Here they host cold water immersion sessions and wild swimming – with some swimming sessions taught by qualified coaches. They also have two ice baths for cold water therapy during the summer months (when the lake isn’t quite Baltic enough for you to get the full benefits).

There’s also plenty of green space for outdoor yoga and breathwork, and HIIT training. The surrounding trails and country lanes are perfect for running sessions, ranging from the ‘slow and easy Sunday run’ to the ‘Fartlek Thursdays’.

One of their most popular events is the Sunset Sessions which are held monthly throughout spring and summer on Friday nights. They combine yoga, breathwork and wild swimming, and you’re encouraged to bring a picnic to enjoy afterwards, or you can order from Unagi Street Food who bring their food truck along.

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