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Manchester City Centre

FWD Manchester

Therapeutic Services

Want to give Wim Hof style cold water immersion a try but without leaving Manchester city centre? Head to the ABC Building on Quay Street. Their rooftop dome and garden is the base for regular ice bath and breathwork sessions run by wellness facilitators FWD Manchester.

Anyone can book on to the sessions, which typically take place a couple of times a week in the winter, often timed to coincide with the sun rising over the city. The session starts with 30 minutes of breathwork before you step into the ice bath. There’s no pressure to get in or stay in, and beginners are welcome.

Reported benefits include improved mood, mental clarity, better sleep and reduced stress. If you’re curious, why not give it a go? A short dip in one of these baths gives another meaning to the phrase ‘chilled out’.


ABC Buildings, Quay Street, Manchester, UK
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