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“Music is in our blood” proclaim the team behind Dulcimer, the bar named after a funkily shaped hammer-struck string instrument, whose moniker, in turn, comes from the Latin for sweet melody. All this is very fitting since you can get hammered in Dulcimer while listening to sweet melodies and finish the night throwing some funky shapes (groan!). The musical schedule is eclectic as it comes. You’ll find local live performers soundtracking your drinking with slide guitar, blues, country, and Afro-Carribean amongst other musical styles, as well as regular DJs of every flavour.

Along with all the usual bevvies you’d expect from a decent bar, they have an interesting and ever-changing range of cask ales, craft ciders, and cocktails, with a heavy focus on the rum in their liquor cabinet. Unlike their sister venue, Saison in Didsbury, food isn’t a big part of what they do, but there is a modest pizza menu sporting some standards and a regularly changing special rustled up in their teeny kitchen for £5 a pop.

Dulcimer, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, UK


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