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Lake Road Kitchen


A wild-maned toddler of a restaurant, bound for great things. Lake Road Kitchen is an exciting place to eat. The baby of former Samling chef, James Cross, is one of the leading lights in the Lakes foraging trend, serving mostly food grown in Cumbria, as well as aged retired Dairy Holstein txuleta (steak). A whole cauliflower, steeped in pine and goat butter is one of Cross’s signature dishes from a tasting menu that clocks in at £65 a head for five courses, or £90 for eight. Swoon over the texture, pick the pine needles out of your teeth after. Homemade goat yoghurt offers inspired contrast. Pickled, roasted and raw heritage carrots are another salve as the small team strut about, full of foraged facts. Meaty mains draw on a winter palate that could include vension (Holker Estate fallow deer), Norweigan salmon, arctic cloudberries and black winter truffles. Desserts could include baked sweet woodruff custard and sour cherry crumble while iconic Northern European cheeses such as aged Comte and oozy Berthaut’s Epoisse cheese are offered with homemade sourdough and homemade ‘virgin’ butter (including the curds and whey). Wines from the Northern European region could include white Furmint, Slovenian varietals and British sparklers.


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