Greater Manchester

Levenshulme Bakery

Middle Eastern

Another Levy institution, Levenshulme Bakery, on the corner of Belvoir avenue and Stockport Road, has been knocking up, wallet-friendly but super fresh Turkish bread, kebabs and other light lunches for the local community for years. A popular speciality is lahmajun, a crispy Levantine flatbread often topped with minced meat, vegetables and herbs to make the street-food favourite ‘Turkish pizza’.

Another speciality is Lebanese fatayar which are folded, open-topped pies with a variety of meat or vegetarian fillings. Locals also rave about the freshly made shawarma kebabs, falafel sandwiches and wide range of authentic, sticky Turkish sweets. Get there early to get the bread fresh from the morning’s bake.

  • Good for meat
  • Good for vegetarians
842 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3AW, UK
Tel: 0161 879 6356


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