Mort Subite


Given the much-publicised dangers of drinking too much booze, it takes a certain dark sense of humour to name your bar Mort Subite (meaning ‘sudden death’ in French). That’s not the only thing about this underground drinking den that’s dark, just try taking photos down there. Factor in the taxidermied birds, burlesque opulence and, well, the beer itself and things get very shadowy indeed. Did we mention that it’s housed in a former mortuary?

Believe it or not, there is something of a Belgian triangle in Altrincham with Mort Subite, Pi and The Belgian Bar all within stumbling distance of one another. All well worth a visit but our money’s on this one for quirk-factor. Their range, of course, includes classic Trappist beers and fruity Lambics as well as some eye-wateringly strong numbers that are only served in a shot glass. There are sours and IPAs from outside of Belgium too, if you prefer. Platters of cheese and cured meats will keep you upright. The cheese is free on Thursdays.



Mort Subite, Greenwood Street, Altrincham, UK
Tel: 07512 969619 Our review Read


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