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Peter Street Kitchen


Specialising in two distinct, contemporary cuisines, Mexican and Japanese, Peter Street Kitchen’s punchy small plates ooze luxury. There are several menus to choose from; From the sashimi, tataki and tartare of The Hibachi Experience to the pick n mix of the a la carte – Will you go all Mexican, all Japanese or mix up your tacos and tempura by grabbing dishes from both sides of the world?

Situated in the grandeur of The Free Trade Hall, formerly home to Opus One, the space is airy and dressed in modern, calm, neutral tones. Pale cream leather seating contrasts with rough-hewn wood. The cocktail list is as inventive as the food, and there is, of course, a fine selection of sake too.


  • Great wine
  • Fine dining or fancy
  • Good for seafood
Peter Street Kitchen, Free Trade Hall, Peter Street, Manchester, UK
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