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Momos, or Nepalese dumplings, being prepared at The Little Yeti restaurant in Chorlton
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The Little Yeti

Indian subcontinent

The Little Yeti is one of the newest dining spots on Barlow Moor Rd, but from the well-oiled team behind Didsbury veterans Gurkha Grill. It’s an establishment of the ‘limited menu but executed very well’ variety, which is more common in Asia than over here, where ‘all things to all people’ is perhaps too often attempted.

The speciality you visit The Little Yeti for is momos, which for the uninitiated are not just a terrifying internet meme but also round dumplings not dissimilar to Japanese gyoza or Polish pierogi.

Momos originate in the Himalayan region of South Asia so fillings are suitably spicy. You can have them steamed or fried. We prefer steamed but you do you. Also on the menu are roti wraps stuffed with various spiced meats and salad, and more familiar tandoori dishes such as mushroom shashlik or lamb chops. For dessert, there are sweet momos like deep fried chocolate served with ice cream.

Craft beer lovers rejoice, yes they do it. The small bar is well stocked and the decor is cheerful with brightly painted wooden chairs and prayer flags which will take you right back to your gap yah.

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  • Good value
The Little Yeti, Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 478 4946 www.littleyetimcr.com Our review Read 14/20
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