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Chops at Little Pigs butchers in Didsbury, Greater Manchester
Chops at Little Pigs butchers in Didsbury, Greater Manchester
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Little Pigs


Looking for a modern butcher that offers premium local produce? Head to Little Pigs in Didsbury and you won’t be disappointed.

From the age of nine, co-owner Rebecca Harrison and her brother Sam would help their parents around the shop, linking sausages and the likes. A family run business born from the children of traditional butchers, Little Pigs has all the usual cuts and then some.

Fusing traditional values with contemporary style, Little Pigs source their beef, pigs and lamb from a local abattoir in Knutsford working with local farms who rear only grass-fed, free-range animals. Chickens are sourced from small Yorkshire farms that have animal welfare at their focus.

One of their best-selling products is their dry aged beef which is prepared on the bone. They also sell ready-to-cook joints that are perfectly pre-seasoned with fragrant and tasty rubs.

Little Pigs - The Didsbury Butchers, 735 Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6WF, UK
Tel: 0161 438 6899 www.facebook.com/littlepigsdids
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