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Model at Collinge & Co Castle Street, a hair salon in Liverpool
Model at Collinge & Co Castle Street, a hair salon in Liverpool
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Liverpool City Centre

Collinge & Co Castle Street


Fourth-generation family business Collinge & Co has held a reputation as one of Liverpool’s best hairdressers for decades.

The Castle Street salon is the flagship for this nationally-recognised local brand; it’s a vibrant, friendly place with incredibly skilled stylists and colourists.

Notable features include a private salon with three hair stations (perfect if you prefer to have your locks done in private, or if you’re looking for an exclusive setting for a girl’s day out, hen-do or birthday treat).

With its own specialist training salon and graduate salon over on Bold Street, Collinge & Co is known for great service, individuality and artistic excellence. Their products are vegan friendly and great for shine and colour protection – buy them online or in one of their salons.

Collinge & Co, 45 Castle Street, Liverpool L2 9SH
Tel: 0151 227 2366 collingeandco.com/pages/liverpool-city-centre
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