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Northern Soul collector's records at Kingbee Records in Chorlton
Northern Soul collector's records at Kingbee Records in Chorlton
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Kingbee Records

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Kingbee Records is a proper old-school record shop. The custard-yellow storefront is a beacon, drawing in music lovers from all over and owner Les Hare is happy to chat to them all. This is the sort of place you could spend hours browsing in and find some real bargains. Prices are very reasonable and there’s a record player to test out your possible purchases.

There are loads of records across all genres but Kingbee is best known for its Northern Soul finds. There’s also a strong selection of 60s vinyl, as well as reggae, jazz and electronica. You can’t buy online but collectors from across the world get in touch looking for rarities.

Stock changes all the time as Kingbee is as much about trading in music as it is buying. Twitter/X is a good place to find updates on what’s new. You can’t beat popping in for a good browse though.

As well as the vinyl, there are CDs and cassettes for the cool kids who think fixing screwed up tape with a pencil is where it’s at.

This is a place to buy music, sell music, talk music and just inhale the (slightly fusty) musical atmosphere. You leave feeling like your selections are super-cool (a testament to their great customer service and lack of snobbery) and you might even bump into a musical celebrity. Superstars need second-hand vinyl too.

Kingbee Records, 519 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0UF, UK
Tel: 0161 860 4762 www.kingbeerecords.co.uk
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