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The Beatles Statue in Liverpool
The Beatles Statue in Liverpool
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The Beatles Statue


So what do you think is Liverpool’s number one selfie spot? That’s right, it’s the Beatles Statue at Pier Head.

Unusually for such a popular tourist attraction, the statue only became part of the city’s Beatles trail in 2015 when it was donated by The Cavern Club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s last gig in Liverpool.

Walk alongside The Beatles and pretend you are the ‘fifth Beatle’. There are plenty of others with that claim, so why not you?

The bronze statue is full of funny little details to keep Beatles fans happy. From the Sanskrit inscriptions on George’s belt to the acorns in John’s hand, cast from those fallen from oak trees outside The Dakota Building in New York where he lived, see what signifiers of Beatles lore you can spot.

The Beatles Statue, Liverpool, UK
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