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The exterior of Bolton Museum in Bolton city centre
The exterior of Bolton Museum in Bolton city centre
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Bolton Museum


Bolton Museum is much more than just your standard local history-focused collection. Because of its links with the cotton trade, this unassuming town has an internationally recognised collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Over 2000 objects from the Neolithic Period to the Arab Period are displayed here, including mummies, coffins, amulets, ceramics, weapons and toys. There’s also a walk-through replica of the tomb of the ancient pharaoh Thutmose III.

Other galleries focus on Bolton’s Nature and Bolton’s History with family-friendly, accessible displays. This building also houses the town’s art gallery and the only public aquarium in Greater Manchester. Visit all three and turn a rainy afternoon in Bolton into a memorable day out.

Bolton Museum, Aquarium and Archive, Le Mans Crescent, Bolton, UK
Tel: 01204 332211 www.boltonlams.co.uk/bolton-museum
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