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The wisteria archway at Walkden Gardens in Sale.
The wisteria archway at Walkden Gardens in Sale.
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Walkden Gardens

Parks & Gardens

Walkden Gardens is a very grown-up sort of park. It’s like a mini RHS Bridgewater ran in partnership with the council and a band of loyal and dedicated volunteers.

The Japanese Garden is perhaps its best known feature. It feels like an intimate space laid out according to Eastern traditions. There are three parts to it: a garden based on an arrangement of rocks, a wilder more natural wooded section in the Japanese tea garden style, and finally, a dry landscape garden with gravel and clipped shrubs.

Other highlights include The Cherry Walk which looks best in springtime when the bluebells are out, and The Wisteria Arch which is in bloom in late spring and early summer.

Walkden Gardens isn’t just for flora fans. The Theatre Lawn has been designed for just that and outdoor performances are held in summer – everything from Shakespeare to fairy tales. You’ll also find outdoor cinema screenings and even yoga classes.

Be warned though; there are no toilets at Walkden Gardens unless there is an event or performance on. There is free parking though, so that’s something.

Walkden Gardens, Derbyshire Road, Sale, UK
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