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Wheel Chair Moto Cross at Graystone Action Sports in Salford
Wheel Chair Moto Cross at Graystone Action Sports in Salford
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Graystone is Salford’s action-packed home of high-adrenaline sports. Skateboarding is the big deal here. Practise on all sorts of drops, ramps and bars or sign up for a group coaching session ran by passionate staff. As well as skateboarding, you can also go for BMX or scooters in the park area.

Whether you’re an Olympian or a little kid, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in this friendly, inclusive space. You can take your own equipment, but for most of the activities, you can use what’s provided which helps keep costs down if you’re trying something out.

If you’re going to try something that looks, frankly, terrifying, then Graystone is probably the place to do it. Climbing, bouldering, roller skating, freestyle gymnastics, parkour, and even wheelchair moto cross are all offered here.

Kids parties are catered for too and there are Mini Shredders sessions for little ones where they can hit the ramps on balance bikes and throw themselves into pits of foam.

When all the acrobatics get a bit much, there is a very good bar and cafe with casual and tasty food. It’s significantly better quality than you might expect from somewhere with sports centre vibes.

There are regular events, jams and competitions, some with cash prizes, and Graystone is a pretty cool place to hang out with groups and clubs as well as lessons. There’s a focus on mental health, confidence-building and inclusivity as well as just being loads of fun. This is a good place in all senses of the word.

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