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Arcade games at NQ64, Manchester
Arcade games at NQ64, Manchester
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Northern Quarter



Having recently moved out of their original Northern Quarter home…to the venue next door (sorry Dive bar), NQ64 have levelled up their gaming offering.

Though the new site is just 10ft away from the original spot, it dwarfs their previous arcade and can accommodate up to 350 gamers at a time. The new outdoor terrace area gives players the time to pause and enjoy the sun, ready for round two.

The upgrade brings along a whole host of other arcade games including fan favourites like Guitar Hero, Pac Man, Street Fighter, and Time Crisis.

Of course, all your old favourites from next door will be there, too. Return to your youth and relieve the stresses and strains of adult life by whacking baddies Double Dragon-style or jumping gleefully from platform to platform in Bubble Bobble at NQ64. Get your arcade thrills as well as cocktails and craft beer at this underground bar.

From shoot-‘em-ups to pinball, classic platform games and button-bashers, you’ll find them all here.

If you grew up with fond memories of Repetitive Strain Injury from Track and Field or love the adrenaline of driving without the real-world traffic problems in Crazy Taxi or OutRun2SP, this place is for you. Martial arts, dance offs and Marge Simpson – what a place to bring your mates.

There are even classic consoles like Nintendo 64 or Sega Megadrive. Settle down to some super competitive Mario Kart fun or best each other at Sonic the Hedgehog like it’s 1993.

It’s not 1993 though because instead of drinking 7Up you’re allowed beer. Welcome to adulthood. NQ64 serves all the craft favourites like Magic Rock, Beavertown and Tiny Rebel as well as cider too. You’ll also find cocktails inspired by retro gaming like Pacs A Punch and Sweet Fighter.

It’s free entry at NQ64 but the arcades work on a token system. Consoles are free to use as long as you’re buying drinks. There are happy hour promotions too.

Although NQ64 is a good place for groups, you can’t book ahead. Order a drink and wait for a go on your favourite pinball machine.

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