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Inside Paradise Skate World
Inside Paradise Skate World
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Manchester City Centre

Paradise Skate World


Paradise Skate World is a cosmic-themed roller skating bar for grown-ups (and teenagers at certain times of the day). It’s not a professional roller rink, more a place to have fun, although the 4500 sq.ft. wood-sprung rink is rather lovely. Think galactic backdrops and light-up wheels with some cocktails and snacks thrown in for good measure.

Skate round the central bar and enjoy the relaxed Balearic beats vibe. Although the set-up is aimed at adults on a night out, there are junior sessions available for 11+. These run Sundays to Thursdays before 7pm.

Skate hire is included in the price but if you’re tiny twinkletoes (size 1 and under) or stompy bigfoot (size 13 and over) you’ll have to bring your own.

First Floor, Great Northern Warehouse, 235 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN
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