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Paws Yoga


Two things that are guaranteed to release endorphins: puppies and yoga. Paws Yoga combines the two, and was the first yoga class of this kind to touch down in Manchester.

Take part in a yoga session and have your class gatecrashed (in the loveliest of ways) by a litter of adorable puppies. For you, it’s a way to relieve anxiety and stress. For the pups, it’s a chance to socialise and gain confidence. It’s waggy tails all round.

The 30-minute yoga class suits all abilities, and is followed by 30 minutes of puppy cuddles and play. You can continue the yoga session as the pups roam around; just note that you might have a little buddy joining you for downward-facing dog.

Classes take place most Saturdays and Sundays. The venue is announced a few days before to avoid putting the puppies at risk of theft. All sessions are held in Manchester city centre and are easy to get to via public transport.

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