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Royal Liver Building 360 Tour


If you have a head for heights you can ascend to the tenth floor of the Royal Liver Building and then climb 124 steps to the 15th floor and look out over Liverpool. The Royal Liver Building 360 tour is a chance to see the city from the top of one of the Three Graces, right up where the Liver Birds perch.

The fully-guided tour gives you a chance to explore the history of this landmark building, finding out its story and its place in Liverpool’s heritage. They just don’t build insurance company offices like this anymore.

Head behind the clock faces for an audio-visual experience which takes you back in history to the creation of the building before going up to the very top to look down on Liverpool today.

Because of the number of steps, this visitor experience is only suitable for the over-fives. There is no wheelchair access apart from via lift to the exhibition gallery on the lower ground floor which is free entry. Please note, only small handbags and small backpacks can be taken on the tour as there is limited space; lockers are provided for storing larger items.

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