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Ezra and Gil in Manchester's NQ.
Ezra and Gil in Manchester's NQ.
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Northern Quarter

Ezra & Gil Hilton Street


If you want to experience Northern Quarter cafe culture in its purest form, head to Ezra & Gil Hilton Street, just off Stevenson Square. With its loft-style decor, brunchy food, and cool-casual vibe, it’s a self-proclaimed ‘neighbourhood hangout’ that’s been popular since day-one.

The food here spans breakfast to lunch to early tea. The brunch menu is one of the area’s best and it’s served all-day. Go for the healthy mashed pumpkin on toast with spinach, feta, poached egg and beetroot hummus. Or the not-so-healthy Oreo French toast. They also sell huge pastries and a great selection of cakes to go with your coffee, including vegan options.

For lunch and dinner, think colourful salads, pasta dishes, and flatbreads served on pretty earthenware plates, plus hearty soups, and poke style rice bowls.

Another reason we like Ezra & Gil: it’s open til 8pm most days, which is several hours later than your standard coffee shop. It means you can head here in those tricky hours between work and evening if you’ve time to fill and want a low-key place to recharge and relax.

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Ezra & Gil, Hilton Street, Manchester, UK
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