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Arras in York is known for its inventive seafood dishes
Arras in York is known for its inventive seafood dishes
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North Yorkshire


Restaurant - Modern British

Husband and wife team, Adam and Lovaine Humphrey have moved their modern British (ish) restaurant Arras from Sydney, Australia to York, England – and the North has reaped the benefits.

Artistic configurations of thoughtfully sourced ingredients are served in a casual space decorated with murals (be warned: they’re a bit of a Marmite thing).

Lunch is great value coming in typically under £30 for three courses. Excellent cooking at a very reasonable price could be the tagline with options such as a main of market fish, saffron potatoes, marinated fennel, samphire, mussel, and saffron sauce.

Lovaine’s CV includes The Fat Duck, where she specialised in wine. Here, she and Adam have compiled a list of 200 unique and desirable bins, with a few Aussie corkers.

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