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Blackhouse Grill On The Square

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Carnivores, assemble. If you like a dinner you can really get your teeth into, then you could do worse than to head to Blackhouse Grill On The Square – as well as having a good shot at the longest restaurant name in Leeds, this place is the business for steaks on a plate.

Not counting the steak sandwich, the steak fajita, the steak burger, the swordfish steak and the spiced aubergine steak, the menu lists nine “proper” steaks – and as such is only just surpassed by the likes of Gaucho and Miller & Carter (Hawksmoor and Stockdales having suffered, presumably, from a crowded market and Covid). Listed as “classic” are rump, sirloin, ribeye, fillet. Under “premium”, you’ll find 340g sirloin, 280g fillet and a not insubstantial 450g T-bone; these are all West Country PGI Certified and hand-picked by the Blackhouse butcher from a small cooperative of farms. Called “sharing cuts” – although we guess that’s up to you to decide – are an English longbone tomahawk, weighing in at a hefty 800g, and a 500g Chateaubriand. Whatever you go for, all steaks come with chips or mash and there’s a selection of sauces and extras, and all cuts are minimum 28 days wet and dry aged, then air dried for 24 hours in a special Himalayan rock salt chamber which gives the meat an enhanced flavour and texture. Have beef with beef? There’s a roasted half chicken and fries, a plate of chops (pork or lamb, or both), fish and chips, and even a vegetarian choice of squash ravioli. Starters range from twice-baked cauliflower cheese souffle to fish tacos with guacamole and Pico de Gallo, or there are Cumbrae oysters with raspberry and shallot vinegar – six, 12 or single servings.

For puds, there’s a suitably grown-up smokey old fashioned affogato or go full-on 1970s and order the knickerbocker glory complete with Eton mess ice cream.

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31-33 East Parade, Leeds, UK
Tel: 0113 246 0669 blackhouse.uk.com Our review Read 15/20
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