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Art exhibit Coalescence at Liverpool Cathedral
Art exhibit Coalescence at Liverpool Cathedral
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Georgian Quarter

Liverpool Cathedral

Historic Buildings & Sites

Liverpool Cathedral is the biggest in the country but age-wise, it’s a baby. No medieval architecture here; the cathedral was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott and built between 1904 and 1978.

Despite its relative modernity, the sandstone building has a timeless look and its monumental Gothic Revival style inspires awe in the same way great cathedrals have always done, from Durham to Salisbury.

The Cathedral is free to visit. Call in to worship or just enjoy the building itself. Daily services include morning worship, eucharist and evensong, and there are regular BSL-interpreted services as well as Farsi services for Persian churchgoers on Sunday afternoons.

The enormity of the building is breathtaking but there is an intimacy to it too. You’ll find art installations, family workshops and a sense of peace.

Booking isn’t needed: just turn up and wander around. You can book for the Tower Experience (£6) which takes you up two lifts and 108 stairs to the top of the tower where you can see Liverpool laid out before you. You can also see the world’s largest working peal of bells. (The tower is closed while they are actually ringing.)

If you can’t manage the steps, a video display at the bottom shows you the 360° views.

The Cathedral’s bistro serves sandwiches, soup, scouse, salads, Sunday roasts and daily specials.

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