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15 family-friendly restaurants in Manchester City Centre

Manchester Central

Planning a family-friendly day out in Manchester can be all sorts of hard work without even factoring in the pain of organising a meal to cater for everybody’s needs.

Confidential Guides is a great resource for finding restaurants that suit niche requirements, be that family-friendly, dog-friendly or vegan friendly. And this time we’ve even done that for you. We’ve found 15 restaurants that should make mealtime with kids in Manchester a bit of a breeze.

From the novelty of bratwurst-sized hotdogs at Albert’s Schloss to an enviable kids menu at Kala Bistro (sticky braised beef with chips and sticky toffee fool for dessert – are you kidding?). Burgers, kebabs and fish and chips rank highly on our list. With people-pleasing pizza featuring heavily, too.

There are even some wildcards that might take your fancy. Somewhere like Scene Indian Kitchen might not be the first choice for a fussy child, but show us a little person who wouldn’t annihilate a chicken and cheese kebab and we’ll show you a liar.

Family-friendly dining in Manchester? We’ve got it in the bag.

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