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30 James Street


Some people will absolutely love this place, posting pics all over Facebook. Some people just won’t. Either way, 30 James Street is undoubtedly a grand building in a fantastic location, opposite the famous Albert Dock and the Three Graces.

The décor is designed to evoke the world of first-class ocean liners in the early twentieth century. After all, the Titanic was registered in Liverpool. It’s very glitzy which might divide the crowd. There is a lot of gold and silver.

The 64-room hotel is absolutely ideal for groups of friends on a big night out; significant birthdays, hen dos and so on. For one thing, there are all the glam touches. For another, many of the so-called ‘cabin rooms’ sleep up to eight people with double bed after double bed.

And if you think that’s a lot for one hotel room, wait till you hear about The Vault. This party palace sleeps up to 20 with ten double beds, two whirlpool baths and doors leading to your very own pool and bar, and bartender. Sleek and minimalist it is not.

There’s a rooftop bar called the Carpathia, named after the vessel that went to the aid of the Titanic. A stay here isn’t complete without a cocktail looking out over the Albert Dock and the Royal Liver Building; it’s one of the best views in the city.

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