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Sale Water Park in Manchester where Open Swim UK is based
Sale Water Park in Manchester where Open Swim UK is based
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Openswim UK


If you want to go swimming at Sale Water Park, the safest way is with Openswim UK. They hold casual swimming sessions there four days a week in spring and summer, plus sessions throughout the winter. With regular water testing and lifeguards on standby, it’s a lot less risky than venturing in on your own.

It’s also less daunting; there are changing rooms and showers on site, and you’ll get a warm welcome from the organisers (before you step into the frightfully cold water). You can, of course, wear a wetsuit or swimming socks. You’ll need to wear a brightly coloured swim hat so that you’re well visible on the water.

As well as the casual swim sessions, they offer a full range of open water swimming courses including one-to-one sessions. Co-owner and coach Jane McCormick is a world record holder for marathon-distance open water swimming so you’re learning from the best.

You can also do SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) sessions and Wim Hof-style breathwork and cold water immersion with Openswim UK. Retreat days, solstice swims, and swimming festivals are all featured on their summer calendar.


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