Steaks on display at Marcello Meat House - a grill restaurant in Childwall, Liverpool.
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Macello Meat House Childwall


Macello Meat House Childwall is known for steaks served with a side order of celebrity spotting. It’s turned this suburban shopping strand into a hotspot for the likes of Firmino, Fabinho, Mane and Alisson. The main draw (footballers aside) is the seared hunks of juicy meat, cooked in the open kitchen then finished and sliced at your table in a sizzling, smoky sideshow. 

Choose your beast from the chilled counter where T-bones, rib eyes and sirloins are presented whole and at different stages of maturity. Age is prized here, and you’ll need deep pockets if you want to appreciate it. There are a few fish and veggie options but this is primarily a place for the committed carnivore.

It’s a small restaurant that packs in the punters so don’t go expecting peace and quiet – think busy and buzzy rather than sedate dining. You’ll probably be able to eavesdrop on the table next to you, which should be interesting if it’s a group of Premiership footballers, or maybe not.

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  • Good for meat
  • Good for families
Macello Meathouse, Childwall Abbey Road, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 722 2575 Our review Read 14/20
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