One of the meat dishes served at The Lime Tree in West Didsbury: a Confidential Guides recommended restaurant
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The Lime Tree


The restaurant business is a fickle beast, so the fact that The Lime Tree has been going strong now for 30-odd years indicates that they must be doing something right. Their secret seems to be quietly and consistently providing the local community with a reliable, go-to quality dinner spot without paying too much attention to chasing trends (there isn’t a lot to please vegans on the menu, for example).

Carnivores will rejoice though. The Lime Tree, which has a sister restaurant in Bollington, has its own farm on the edge of the Peak District where they rear rare breed pigs as well as other livestock. Their farm-reared meat makes up a good proportion of the menu, so you can be absolutely certain of its provenance and quality. The farm also provides the restaurant with eggs, fruit and veg, keeping everything spanking fresh and sustainable. There is plenty of fish and seafood to choose from too.

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  • Good for meat
  • Fine dining or fancy
The Lime Tree, Lapwing Lane, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 445 1217 Our review Read 14/20
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