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The sign outside Palace Barbers Unisex Hairdressing in Afflecks - a hair salon in Manchester city centre

Palace Barbers at Afflecks

Northern Quarter Barbers

Palace Barbers, or to give it its full title, Palace Barbers Unisex Hairdressing at Afflecks, is much-loved by Mancunians for...

Barbers at work at King Street Grooming - a recommended barber shop in Manchester city centre.

King Street Grooming

Manchester City Centre Barbers

Where does a guy go when he wants a full-on glow-up, the kind normally only reserved for the fairer sex?...

Colourful haircut at Dot Hair, a salon in Liverpool

Dot Hair

Liverpool City Centre Salons

Dot Hair is a passion project of a hairdressing salon from owner and creative director, Phill. It covers everything from...

Haircut at Pretty Vacant Collective, a gender free hairdressing salon in Liverpool

Pretty Vacant Collective

Liverpool Salons

Pretty Vacant Collective is a fluorescent punk vision of gender free, LGBTQ+ hairdressing for all.

Hair salon McCrory Hair on Oxford Road, Manchester city centre

McCrory Hair

Oxford Road Salons

Seamus, the owner of McCrory Hair, has been in the trade since 1978 but there’s nothing old-fashioned about this fresh,...

Emporium M33

Sale Markets

Emporium M33 is a treasure trove of small businesses, start-ups and indie makers and producers right in the centre of...

Close Male Grooming NQ

Northern Quarter Barbers

Close Male Grooming NQ is small but perfectly formed for a barber. It has an attitude and an energy that...

The Dalton Street Salon

Manchester City Centre Barbers

Three things we like about the Dalton Street Salon: the people, the prices and the cuts. It's not easy to...

Interior at The Oriel Bar in Liverpool

The Oriel Bar

Liverpool City Centre Bars

The Oriel Bar might be the only place in Liverpool where you can get a beard trim and a round...

A man at London School of Barbering: Manchester having a fade cut.

London School of Barbering: Manchester

Manchester City Centre Barbers

The London School of Barbering: Manchester is the northern outpost of this well-renowned academy for barbers-to-be. As well as their barbering...

Collinge & Co's Castle Street hairdressing salon in Liverpool

Collinge & Co Castle Street

Liverpool City Centre Salons

Fourth-generation family business Collinge & Co has held a reputation as one of Liverpool's best hairdressers for decades.

A man getting his hair cut at Flanagans Barbers Manchester - a barber shop in Manchester city centre.

Flanagans Barbers Manchester

Manchester City Centre Barbers

Family-run Flanagans Barbers has been grooming Manchester's gents for nearly 30 years - and now has branches in Didsbury, Altrincham,...

The team from Hex Hairdressing - an inclusive hairdressers in Manchester city centre.

Hex Hairdressing

Manchester City Centre Salons

If you’re looking for a hairdressers that will take your rainbow-coloured, spiky mullet dreams and turn them into reality without...

Bright pink hair by Riot Hearts salon in Manchester city centre

Riot Hearts

Manchester City Centre Salons

Riot Hearts isn't your typical 'run of the mill' salon;  it's an alternative, LGBTQIA+ inclusive hair studio located in the...

Barber at RPB barbers in Manchester, Northern Quarter.

RPB Tib Street

Northern Quarter Barbers

With a fridge full of Asahi beers and a varied clientele that includes footballers, NQ hipsters and members of the...

Inside Notjust barbers in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, one of Manchester's best barbers


Ancoats Barbers

Manchester barbers Notjust were named one of the top 10 in the UK by the Guardian thanks to their up-to-the-minute...

Traditional barber chair at Jersey Street Social Club - a barbers in Manchester, Ancoats.

Jersey Street Social Club

Ancoats Barbers

If you like to have something to look at (other than yourself) while you're at the barbers, the eclectic, retro...

Urban Gent Hairdressing, a recommended barbers in Manchester city centre.

Urban Gent Hairdressing

Manchester City Centre Barbers

This barbers on Back Bridge Street has been sharpening the looks of Mancunians for over a decade now. Urban Gent...

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