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Manchester City Centre

Manchester Cathedral

Historic Buildings & Sites

Nestled at the end of Deansgate, tucked away behind the main shopping district of Manchester city centre, lies the Grade I Listed Manchester Cathedral.

The building is steeped in Manchester’s history. Inside you’ll find the Angel Stone, a small carving of an angel with a scroll which is believed to date from around 400AD. The stained glass tells the story of the surrounding area, with one window, the Healing Window, installed to commemorate the restoration of the building after the IRA bombing of 1996.

Nowadays, aside from daily mass and celebration, many concerts, gigs and exhibitions take place in the grand surroundings. The nearby Chetham’s School of Music regularly holds performances at the cathedral, and you can even find orchestral candlelit tributes to the likes of Oasis and Fleetwood Mac on the bill.

Craft and vintage fairs, gin festivals, plays and poetry readings pop up between choir singing and bell ringing.

And if you just fancy taking the weight off your feet, the Cathedral’s gardens are perfect for relaxing in the sun.

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